Nextant Aerospace Achieves Major Milestones on United States Air Force (USAF) Avionics Modernization Program

  • As a subcontractor to Field Aerospace for the T-1A Avionics Modernization Package (AMP) contract for the United States Air Force, Nextant successfully completes certification flight
  • CLEVELAND, OHIO, Thursday, 18 April 2019 –

    Nextant Aerospace, a global leader in aircraft and component remanufacturing and builders of the 400XTi, G90XT, and 604XT, announced today that it successfully completed the initial USAF T-1A AMP certification flight to test its newly installed Avionics Modernization Program flight deck. The certification flight took place in late March from Field Aerospace’s facility in Oklahoma, United States.

Nextant Aerospace accelerates production of its 604XT Safe Flight AutoPower® Kits

  • Safe Flight’s AutoPower® System specifically designed to integrate with the Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion® flight deck upgrade on the Challenger 604 is in high demand.
  • CLEVELAND, OHIO, Tuesday, 16 April 2019 – Nextant Aerospace, a global leader in aircraft and component remanufacturing and builders of the 400XTi, G90XT, and 604XT, announced today that it is ramping up production of its Safe Flight AutoPower® system kits to fulfill the demand for this option on the popular 604XT Pro Line Fusion® flight deck upgrade package. The system offers 604XT operators automatic speed control from takeoff to touchdown which provides smoother speed changes during transitions. Other features included AOA and N1 flight envelope speed limit protection, engine synchronization, real-time power limits and IAS/MACH/N1 speed management, making it a highly sought- after cockpit enhancement.

Nextant Aerospace achieves landmark STC approval for Challenger 604XT Pro Line Fusion® upgrade.

  • The Pro Line Fusion® cockpit upgrade gives owners a solution to both meet upcoming FAA mandates and overcome avionics obsolescence by integrating advanced flight deck technology on the Challenger 604.
  • CLEVELAND, OHIO, Wednesday, November 21, 2018 – Nextant Aerospace, builders of the 400XTi, G90XT, remanufactured aircraft, and Challenger 604XT upgrade, announced today that it has received Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the 604XT Pro Line Fusion®. The timing of the STC is on track with Nextant Aerospace projection at EBACE a year ago when introducing the program. “In collaboration with Rockwell Collins and Bombardier, we have maintained a carefully crafted plan to advance the steps required to receive the STC on schedule,” said Mark O’Donnell, Nextant Aerospace Executive Vice President. “We have three aircraft in-house ready for installation, plus seven more scheduled before year end. The first customer delivery is slated for early December. With more than 25 installations pre-sold, customer interest and market demand has been phenomenal for the Pro Line Fusion® upgrade,” noted O’Donnell.


SYDNEY, 23 October 2018 – Nextant Pacific Pty Ltd (“Nextant Pacific”), one of Asia Pacific’s most innovative and resourceful new aircraft sales and acquisitions companies has excitedly commenced marketing of the latest Nextant Aerospace product, the 400XTe. The 400XTe is an entry level remanufactured jet, which combines the performance of the already successful 400XTi with a significantly lower purchase price creating a simplified base package. The aircraft modifies the Proline 21 system to a three screen system and leverages Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) tuned Engine Pylons and Nacells. Further, it includes a refurbished interior in place of a re-designed cabin. Items that have made the 400XTi so successful like the FJ44-3AP Engines and FADEC are retained.