Nextant Aerospace Announces FAA Certification for New G90XT Turboprop Aircraft

  • Technology Collaboration between Nextant, General Electric and GARMIN Produces Industry - First Remanufactured Turboprop
  • G90XT First Turboprop Aircraft to Feature Digitally Controlled, Single-Lever Power Control
  • Reimagined Interior Featuring New Acoustic Package, Environmental System with Significantly Enhanced Cooling Capability and Digital Pressurization Control System

CLEVELAND, OHIO, November 16, 2015 – Nextant Aerospace (a Directional Aviation Capital company) which makes the 400XTi, the world’s only remanufactured business jet, announced today that it had received FAA certification for their new entry level aircraft, the G90XT turboprop.

“Just two years ago, we announced the launch of the G90XT program,” explained Jay Heublein, Executive Vice President for Nextant. “Our goal was to deliver an entry level, twin-engine turboprop that offered the best combination of overall value, performance, and cabin comfort in the category. We specifically focused on creating the safest single-pilot operating platform in the industry, and the G90XT has exceeded our expectations. I’m very appreciative of our team members who worked on the program and the great group of partners who collaborated on this project with Nextant. Together we have created an exceptional aircraft that was delivered in a timely manner and on budget.”

The G90XT features the General Electric H75 engine along with the fully integrated Regent@trade; flight deck based on the GARMIN G1000 avionics suite. The new GE engine offers a significant performance benefit relative to the competition by delivering exceptional high-altitude performance, along with an approximate 10% improvement in specific fuel consumption. The G90XT also incorporates a series of safety features designed to significantly enhance single-pilot operations, including the first of its kind, digitally controlled, single-lever power control technology. This feature offers complete exceedance protection for the engine and also lowers pilot work load dramatically.

“Our approach with the G90XT was aligned with our first offering, the 400XTi,” Mr. Heublein elaborated. “Through our unique remanufacturing process, we take a good aircraft and make it a great one. By working with actual operators of the aircraft, we systematically identified potential areas of improvement and delivered solutions to address those items. The integration of an entirely new environmental cooling system which moves 300% more air in the cabin was created in direct response to operator feedback that implied the aircraft needed better ground cooling capacity.”

The new G90XT will be assembled at the Nextant facility in Cleveland, Ohio, and the company plans to enter serialized production in 2016.

About Nextant Aerospace

Nextant’s pioneering process for remanufacturing business jets is now recognized as an established technical and commercial success worldwide with significant sales in every major operator category and class-leading levels of comfort, performance and reliability – all at a purchase price half that of comparable aircraft. The revolutionary 400XTi light jet features Williams FJ44-3AP engines and the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21™ integrated flight deck. The same winning combination will soon be available in the Nextant G90XT turboprop powered by next-generation GE H75-100 engines and introducing an enhanced Garmin G1000 integrated flight deck. Founded in 2007, Nextant is a Directional Aviation company based in Cleveland, Ohio. For more information, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @nextantaero or join us on LinkedIn.

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