Nextant Aerospace Announces That CAE Training Program For 400XT Business Jet Operators Is Ready in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Cleveland, Ohio and Orlando, Florida, October 30, 2012 - Nextant Aerospace, maker of the Nextant 400XT aircraft, the world’s only remanufactured business jet, and CAE today announced completion of the dedicated Nextant 400XT CAE training program, including a Level D full-flight simulator (FFS), the highest level of FFS qualification currently available. Training for 400XT operators will be available at CAE’s facility at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Texas, and will begin following FAA qualification of the FFS in November.

Nextant Aerospace collaborated extensively with CAE to ensure that the simulator flawlessly emulates the 400XT’s Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21TM cockpit environment as well as the aircraft’s industry-leading in-flight capabilities and performance. To ensure both the safest and most effective operation of the 400XT, Nextant 400XT training at CAE for two pilots is included in the purchase price of every aircraft, with an optional line maintenance familiarization course.

"Our commitment to dedicated flight crew training underscores that the Nextant 400XT is truly a complete business jet solution," said Jay Heublein, vice president, sales and marketing for Nextant Aerospace. "Unlike past modification programs, our comprehensive remanufacturing process delivers everything that is good about a new aircraft experience, but with a far superior value proposition. This includes a full aircraft warranty, competitive financing solutions and a global product support infrastructure."

CAE, a world leader in integrated simulation-based training solutions for the aviation industry, has developed more than 1,000 simulators and flight training devices for the aviation market, and has extensive experience in avionics and engine simulation. CAE designed the Nextant 400XT full-flight simulator to offer a training experience for pilots that is virtually indistinguishable from actual flying.

"We are proud that we are able to provide Nextant with a training program that is innovative, accurately reflects the capabilities of the 400XT and ensures that flight crews have the training they need to maximize passenger safety and satisfaction," said Jeff Roberts, CAE Group president, Civil Simulation Products, Training and Services.

The Nextant 400XT business jet uses a remanufactured Beechjet 400A/XP airframe that is enhanced with new, state-of-the-art technology including the Williams FJ44-3AP turbofan engine, the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21™ integrated avionics suite, advanced electronics and entirely new interiors.

The resulting aircraft has a 2,003 nautical mile (3,709 km) range and cruising speed of 460 nautical miles per hour (740 km per hour). It supports a 30 percent reduction in operating costs over the Beechjet 400 A/XP, fuel efficiency improvements of 20-30 percent, depending on the length of the flight segment, significantly reduced carbon emissions and noise compliance that exceeds Stage IV requirements. The 400XT is available at a cost about half that of competing "clean-sheet" designs.

The 400XT is considered to be a new type in the Aircraft Bluebook. Further options include additional avionics features, and an optional seating configuration that allows for the most leg room of any light jet in production without sacrificing seating capacity.

About Nextant Aerospace

Nextant Aerospace was founded in 2007 for the primary purpose of developing an aircraft modernization program. The company is credited with being the first to introduce the concept of aircraft remanufacturing to the business jet market. The Nextant 400XT is a remanufactured Beechjet 400A/XP equipped with the Williams FJ44-3AP engines and Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21™ integrated avionics suite. The new aircraft also benefits from significant aerodynamic enhancements including newly designed nacelles, pylons and an improved engine mounting configuration. The 400XT is delivered as a new aircraft with a two-year, full aircraft warranty. Nextant’s design and manufacturing facility is located in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Cuyahoga County Airport. For more information, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @nextantaero or join us on LinkedIn.

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