Customer Testimonials

  • Jason P. Bullock, President, JPS Aviation

    The overall purchase experience with Nextant was flawless. The purchase of our new Nextant 400XTi couldn’t have been any easier. The entire Nextant team went above and beyond to make certain that we were extremely happy with the process and the aircraft itself. I have purchased several new aircraft over the past five years, and this is by far the easiest process I have been involved in. The aircraft itself is equally impressive, and I hope that this is the first of many Nextant 400XTi aircraft that we add to our charter fleet.
  • Captain Dominique Bugnon, 400XT Pilot, TAG Aviation

    With the 400XT’s superior speed and cabin space we can fly Geneva to Iceland in comfort. That kind of performance is great for operational flexibility and our clients get a better experience, so everybody wins. Read More
  • Martin Prazsky, Managing Director, Time Air

    When our client asked us to find an aircraft with exceptional comfort, speed and valued, we studied the market and chose the Nextant 400XT. Its 3,700km range, best-in-class operating costs and roomy cabin make it the perfect aircraft for the European market. Our client loves it. Our charter clients love it too. There is simply no other aircraft in the world like it. Read More
  • Mike Silvestro, CEO, Flight Options

    When Flight Options launched in 1998, we redefined value in business aviation by utilizing pre-owned aircraft that offered the same cabin experience as our competitors at a significantly lower price. The Nextant 400XT is the perfect evolution of our product offering and today we operate the world’s largest fleet of 400XTs. The enhanced aircraft delivers all the range, speed and comfort of a new jet at half the price and with the lowest operating costs in its class. That’s real value. Read More
  • Scott Wise, President, Travel Management Company Ltd.

    The 400XTi offers TMC mission capability that was never before possible with our current 400 fleet. With 50% more range, the XTi operates for 30% less than the competition and gives us the edge we need in this challenging marketplace. Read More
  • Duke Thorson, Owner, Thorsport Racing

    In the high-octane world of NASCAR, you need the best people on your team. That’s why we’re partnering with Nextant. They know what it takes to build a winner- and so do we. Now we’re really going to go places together! Read More
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