Power Plant: FJ44-3AP Engine

Engine UpgradeThe 400XTi’s exceptional range for a light-cabin private jet is largely due to the revolutionary FJ44-3AP engine, which is significantly lighter and more fuel efficient than its predecessors (by up to 32 percent). Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) eliminates the need for a thrust reverser- further reducing weight and operating costs while improving operational reliability. The addition of Auto-throttle saves fuel and greatly reduces pilot workload, especially at critical phases of flights.

In addition to the increased range and reduced fuel burn, the FJ44-3AP performs in the workshop too with maintenance costs 27 percent lower than for the engines it replaces. Time between overhauls is extended to 4,000 hours.

The engine is also significantly quieter, allowing the 400XTi to be certified to Category IV noise compliance regulations.

Finally, the FJ44-3AP produces 32 percent less greenhouse gas (GHG)emissions than previous generation engines - an important factor for international markets and of growing relevance in the US.