Nextant 400XTi Operating Costs

The Nextant 400XTi is the only remanufactured light jet that clearly outperforms the competition in nearly every category and is available at an unbeatable price point.

Fuel Cost400XTi
$6.00 Per U.S. Gallon$822.00
Gallons per Hour¹137
Fuel AdditivesN/A
Maintenance Cost
Maintenance Labor Cost/Man Hour²$135.00
Man-hours per flight hour²1.0
Parts - airframe and avionics²$168.75
Engine Restoration Cost
Engine Program Rate³$361.46
Thrust Reverser AllowanceN/A
Operating Cost
Total Operating Cost Per Flight Hour$1,487.21
Average Cruise Speed (kts)460
Cost per Nautical Mile$3.23

1. Average fuel burn on a 600nm trip.
2. Maintenance cost based on an industry average.
3. Engine program rate per average Williams International TAP Blue.
All rates subject to adjustment for economic escalation and industry updates without prior notice



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Vice President, Sales

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