Nextant G90XT Performance Data

The Nextant G90XT’s GE H75 engines mark a step-up in performance and economy from previous turboprops in this class.


Drawing on GE’s deep experience in commercial and military jet engine design, manufacture, and operations, it introduces significant improvements in aerodynamics and metallurgy so that the engine runs at higher temperatures and pressures than the competition. That translates into lower fuel burn and higher output power, even in hot and high conditions.

External Dimensions
Length35 ft 6 in10.82 m
Max Tail Height14 ft 11 in4.34 m
Span53 ft 3 in16.36 m
Cabin Dimensions
Length12 ft 7 in3.84 m
Height4 ft 10 in1.47 m
Width4 ft 8 in1.42 m
Cabin Volume
Area235.0 cu ft6.65 cu m
Baggage Capacity
Baggage Area48.3 cu ft1.4 cu m
Max Baggage Weight350 lbs159 kg
Passengers1 +7/8
Max Ramp10,560 lb4,783 kg
Takeoff10,500 lb4,756 kg
Max Payload2,143 lb972 kg
Max Fuel Capacity2,573 lb1,167 kg
Maximum Cruise Speed280 kt
Range: Full Fuel Avail.1,285 nm2,379.82 km
Range: 4 Passengers1,240 nm2,296.48 km
Range: Ferry1,362 nm2,522,42 km
Differential5 psi
Certified Ceiling30,000 ft9,144.00 m



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