SYDNEY, 23 October 2018 – Nextant Pacific Pty Ltd (“Nextant Pacific”), one of Asia Pacific’s most innovative and resourceful new aircraft sales and acquisitions companies has excitedly commenced marketing of the latest Nextant Aerospace product, the 400XTe. The 400XTe is an entry level remanufactured jet, which combines the performance of the already successful 400XTi with a significantly lower purchase price creating a simplified base package. The aircraft modifies the Proline 21 system to a three screen system and leverages Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) tuned Engine Pylons and Nacells. Further, it includes a refurbished interior in place of a re-designed cabin. Items that have made the 400XTi so successful like the FJ44-3AP Engines and FADEC are retained.

“The 400XTi has been our most successful new product and the 400XTe will allow us to compete in new markets.” said Nextant Pacific Managing Director John Oppenheim. “Many customers have acknowledged the 400XTi as being a superb aircraft, moreover the introduction of the 400XTe now extends ownership opportunities at a more affordable price deeper in the used aircraft market.”

Nextant Pacific is going to embark on a regional tour at the end of 2018 to visit with each market and discuss the aircraft in further depth. This will culminate with a presence at the Avalon Airshow in February to further promote the aircraft.

“We are proud to offer customers fully completed turn-key aircraft or the option to upgrade their existing aircraft” commented Randy Znamenak, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nextant Aerospace. “The introduction of the 400XTe within the Nextant Family of Aircraft, helps us meet a market need that enables customers the opportunity to own an aircraft across various stages of ownership.“ added Znamenak.

About Nextant Pacific

Nextant Pacific is the Exclusive Sales Agent for Nextant Aerospace in SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Nextant Pacific is also the largest dealer in King Air Aircraft in the Region, with services that range from Brokerage, Sales and also Acquisition. Located in Sydney, the business has professional connections world wide and a strong focus on personal customer service.

About Nextant Aerospace

Nextant’s pioneering process for the remanufacturing of business jets is now recognized as an established technical and commercial success worldwide. Their first aircraft, the 400XTi, has posted sales of 70 aircraft in 13 countries. Building on that success, Nextant launched its first turboprop, the G90XT, and has now entered the large cabin category with the introduction of the 604XT. By utilizing advanced modernization techniques in the areas of avionics, power plant and structural/aerodynamic technology, Nextant offers best in class performance and comfort at a fraction of the cost of competitive aircraft.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Nextant is the recipient of the Laureate Award for leadership in the field of Business Aviation. For more information visit, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @nextantaero or join us on LinkedIn.

Media Contacts

John Oppenheim
Managing Director, Nextant Pacific
+61 421 204 914

Randy Znamenak
Vice President Sales & Marketing
+1 316 295 0248